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Peter Defends God’s Grace – 07/16/2017

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The Lord used His Servants to Touch the Lives of a Grateful Soul

The power of forgiveness and advantages

While a member of the Northside Christian Church of Pueblo CO I had had been experiencing feelings of something incomplete or lacking in my life. even to a point of affecting my joy. I guess one could say my livelihood!

Well, during a prayer meeting at NCC, Pastor Dave, his wife Jeanay, Carrie and myself discussed possibilities that determined I still had been carrying around resentment from the disregard and deceitfulness done to me after the death of my parents by some of my family members.

I had asked God to forgive them for what they and done but had not asked God to forgive me for placing my trust in them(family members) all those years instead of Him(God)! Well once it was explained to me how to properly ask God to forgive my family members that had wronged me and to also forgive myself, God did release me from that bondage, Returned my joy to me, cleared my mind and heart from the confusion and the resentment. I am feeling so great…..HE restored me.

That is the power of forgiveness and the advantage.

Lives and Paintings Renewed

The mural behind the stage has been the same for possibly several decades. Many things in the sanctuary have been updated in recent years but our mural had not been.

Artist Lori Rafferty devoted many hours to creating the gorgeous artwork now visible to all attending services at Northside Christian.

How Does God Lead You? 07/02/2017

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The Collossian Church Mark of our Love 06/25/2017

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Paul Met Ananias – 06/04/2017

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Paul Shares Jesus – 06/11/2017

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