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Granny T Poem: Waters are Rising

“Waters are Rising”
Listen up friends, today is one day closer t going home – Hey, I don’t want to go alone. I want you to come along with me – So we can see Jesus face to face – And say thank you for all you did.

Please don’t wait – It may be too late.

So ask Him to come into your heart and then he’ll give you a brand new start.

And after today you’re still here. There’s nothing that you’ll have to fear. He’ll help you love that one that’s done you bad, the one that made you oh so mad. He’ll help you get through the night when there seems to be no hope in sight.

Don’t turn him away ’cause remembering my friend you may be gone – gone back home and then you’ll be left alone.

Granny T, 09/27/2015

Granny T Poem

Granny T Poem


Newest Baptism

Rear Fence Installed

Security is improved for parking.



The door gets a much needed update with new awning


Pastor Appreciation Day 2014

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New Paint


The church building received a much needed update with the painting of its trim and window frames.

10/05/2014 Guest Sermon