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Pastor Dave Stiles

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  1. Dave,
    Even though we moved to the area 6 years ago and I’ve been attending another good church, being very involved in a couple small groups and active in 2 outreaches, everytime I drove by Northside Christian I was nudged from within- “you should go there”. Then 3 weeks ago, I came. I sure have enjoyed it from the friendly people, your messages, the singing and remembering our LORD each week.

    Since I usually have family coming down from the Springs on Sundays I try not to be gone too long. But this last Sunday’s message was such that I wanted to tell you how GOD used it for me.

    One of your comments, about not staying put but moving on as the LORD leads (I know I am taking it somewhat out of context but GOD sometimes speaks to me that way) hushed that voice that’s been nagging about leaving the familiar and the friends formed to start all over again. I needed that confirmation.

    Thank you for way you presented Paul: called for a specific purpose by GOD from his mother’s womb, yet it was years later when deceived and persecuting the church that GOD turned him 180 and radically changed his outlook and service. It reminds me of at “the appointed time” terminology so common in the Bible. That was a word of encouragement for a specific individual I have been praying for for years. Then when I mentioned the time element you brought out to my daughter, she also was encouraged for another.

    Am looking forward to more of the same and alpha

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